Data to be Collected for Development Plan

  • Details of trades and industries 
  • Development of airports 
  • Environments of site
  • Facilities of transport 
  • Geological conditions of the site 
  • Land values and land use pattern
  • Locations of spots of natural beauty 
  • Locations of water supply units 
  • Meteorological details such as intensity and direction of wind, temperature, rainfall, etc. 
  • Mineral resources
  • Economic condition of the authority 
  • Places of historical origin 
  • Political position of the surrounding area 
  • Population 
  • Requirements for railway stations, goods yards and shipping facilities 
  • Special requirements for power houses, gas works, sewage disposal plant and storm water drainage

Drawings to be Prepared 

  • Boundaries of land of different types such as residential, agricultural, industrial, etc. 
  • Boundary of green belt around the town 
  • Contours of the whole city 
  • Different zones 
  • Landscape features 
  • Locations of public buildings and town centers 
  • Open spaces including parks and playgrounds 
  • Positions of natural springs, rivers and streams
  • Positions of public utility services such as water supply station, sewage disposal plant, power plant etc. Present and proposed communication systems 
  • Road system



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