Stages of Town Development

1) Classification by Sir Patrick Geddes




Town, which produces human necessities such as agricultural village


Town, which functions as entry of exchange such as marketing town


Town, which provides residential, educational and recreational facilities

 2) Classification by Lewis Mumford




The Eopolis indicates the first stage of town as a village community whose economic base is agriculture.


The Polis indicates and association of population with some mechanization and specialization.


The metropolis is a city or town which serves as a capital of a state or region.


The megalopolis indicates the first stage of decline in town or city due to mega problems and issues, or the reign of town or city shows the signs of decline and deterioration.


Tyranopolis is the town or city which shows drastic deteriorating situation for example the trade depression or military powers may occur with different war lords.


Necropolis is the worst stage of town or city. For example the citizens are shifting to rural areas or village due to war, disease or economic break down. In that case the town may recover from it after a large internal of time.

3) Classification by Griffith Taylor




This is the first stage of town in which a city is not yet divided in separate zones or the city in which zoning regulations is not being prepared yet.


The juvenile stage of town or city indicates that, shops are being separated from the houses or residential area and there are some factories or an industry has been established at a minimal level.


The mature stage of town shows the divisions of residential zone, commercial zone and industrial zone in the city or the land use and zoning regulations in town shows the stage of mature city / town.


Finally the senile stage of town indicates the physical decay in most of the portions of the city or the physical, social & economic degradation is evident in the built environment of town or city.

 4) Classification by Harold MacLean Lewis



Eopolis or Infantile Municipality Town

2500 to 5000

Polis or Juvenile Town

5000 to 10000

Mature Trade/Industrial Town

10000 to 25000

Metropolis or Medium Size City

25000 to 50000

Megalopolis Intermediate City

50000 to 100000

Trade/Industry/Service Sector City

100000 to 250000

Primate City

250000 to 500000

Tyranopolis or a Metropolitan City

500000 to 1000000

Senile City or Mega City

1000000 or more

5) Urban & Rural Classification of Towns & Cities (By Census of India)


Class of Range of Population

Class I

100,000 and above

Class II

50,000 to 99,999

Class II

20,000 to 49,999

Class IV

10,000 to 19,999

Class V

5,000 to 9,999

Class VI

Below 5,000



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