Problems faced by the town due to lack of proper planning

1. Lack of essential amenities like electricity, watersupply and drainage.
2. Uncontrolled development of the town.
3. Unhealthy conditions.
4. Development of slums.
5. Defective road system resulting in the formation of narrow streets and lanes.
6. Heavy traffic congestions during the peak of hours of working period.
7. Haphazard location of some industrial units of small and medium scale.
8. Inadequate open spaces for parks and playgrounds.
9. Noisy atmosphere in some localities.
10. Waste disposal problems.
11. Housing problems.
12. Lack of public awareness for community benefits andexploiting means of amenities and
      utility service facilities provided by the concerned authorities.
13. Lack of engineering infrastructure.
14. Inadequate ware houses and industrial sites.
15. Defective locations of schools.
16. Inadequate space on the main roads for footpath and town squares, circles etc.



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