Selection of Site for an Ideal Town

The important features to be considered with respect to the site of a town are as follows.
1.    Availability of the natural advantages
2.    Availability of electricity
3.    Available means of communication
4.    Climatic conditions
5.    Contours of the area
6.    Development of the surrounding area
7.    Drainage of the area
8.    Facility available for sewage disposal
9.    Fertility of soils
10.     Frequency of the floods
11.     Growth of the trees
12.     Nature of soil
13.     Position of lakes and streams
14.     Water resources, etc.
Requirements of New Towns
The two important facts which are to be carefully examined before deciding the requirements of new towns are as follows.
1) Function of the town
A new town is generally formed or developed for specific purpose. The purposes for which the towns may be designed are commerce, industry, culture, education, defense, health, recreation, government administration, etc. these purposes will help boost the economy, social welfare and political condition. Once the function of a new town known, size of population to be accommodated in the town can be worked out.
2) Welfare of the people
A new town should be designed for the welfare of the people. The welfare of the people is measured by three factors, namely, amenities, convenience and health.
General requirements
  •          Amenities such as sewer lines, water supply, electric power, etc.
  •          Education.
  •          Effective road networks.
  •          Planned growth of the town.
  •          Provision for future expansion.
  •          Proper location of public building.
  •          Parks and playgrounds.
  •          Provision of suitable bye-laws for the town.
  •          Recreation centres.
  •          Zoning of town into suitable zone.


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